Entry Definition
where land extends away; up country
where the land extends away
where a lake extends away; away over or on the lake
where a field extends away; away over the field
away into the bushes
s/he is all gone; (dual and plural, also) they have all left, have all gone away
starting, beginning; departing, going away; (traveler, etc.) starting off
s/he starts to swim, swims away
s/he starts to kick it, kicks it away
s/he sends h/ away, orders h/ to go, dismisses h/
s/he, it floats away, begins to float
s/he, it blows away, starts to blow away
s/he takes or carries h/ away; s/he gives h/ ride in car
it is taken away
s/he takes it away (from somewhere), carries it away
s/he, it slides away, starts sliding
(bird, pilot) s/he flies away, starts to fly
s/he flies away with h/
s/he carries it away by dragging it
s/he drags it away, starts to drag it
s/he takes them away in group or line (people, animals)
s/he starts walking or walks away on gravel; (dual and plural, also) they start walking or walk away in a line, in a group (e.g., procession, march)
they leave on foot, walk away; they leave (by any means: Wol); (toddlers) they start to walk
s/he starts to track h/; s/he moves away, tracking h/
s/he starts to leave tracks, goes away leaving tracks