pick up

Entry Definition
s/he picks up discarded cigarette butts, s/he saves cigarette butts (Sipayik)
s/he goes around picking or gathering it, goes around picking it up
s/he picks it up for h/, gets it for h/
s/he chooses or picks up something belonging to h/
s/he goes (or comes) to get h/; fetches h/
s/he takes hold fastidiously or fussily with thumb and index finger (to pick up something disgusting or dirty, etc.)
(wind) it builds up, picks up; wind comes up
s/he picks things up; s/he gathers crop, picks, harvests (especially, potatoes)
it picks things up; (farm equipment) it picks, it harvests
s/he takes h/ (and holds or carries h/), s/he picks h/ up; s/he pulls at h/; (with singular inanimate subject) it takes h/ so much time
s/he takes it (and holds or carries it); s/he picks it up
s/he takes hold of h/, picks h/ up with hand(s)
s/he picks it up and carries it on shoulder or back
s/he picks up firewood and carries it; (Sipayik) s/he shops for groceries
s/he takes it, takes hold of it; s/he selects or chooses it; s/he picks it up