Entry Definition
prop that holds something open; (zipper on pants) fly
s/he props it open (with stick, etc.)
s/he props something belonging to h/ open with stick
s/he braces h/ against falling, props h/ up
s/he, it is braced against falling, propped up
brace, prop, support (used to hold something upright)
s/he braces it against falling, props it up
supporting, bracing, propping up (physically, morally, etc.)
prop, brace, support
brace, prop, support
s/he braces it, supports it , props it up
s/he braces, supports, or props up something belonging to h/
s/he braces h/ or props h/ up with stick
brace, prop, support stick; stick positioned in ground at angle so that cooking pot can be suspended from it over fire
s/he braces it or props it up (e.g., a wall) with stick
s/he braces or props up something belonging to h/ using stick or stick-like object
s/he has leg(s) propped up, holds leg(s) up
s/he props h/ mouth open with stick
s/he props its mouth open with stick (bag, box, door, etc.)
pole used to prop up clothesline