noun inanimate (animate for some speakers)
brace, prop, support stick; stick positioned in ground at angle so that cooking pot can be suspended from it over fire
Plural : enuwaqhikonol (enuwaqhikonok)
Possessed : 'tenuwaqhikon ('tenuwaqhikonol)
Locative : enuwaqhikonok
Diminutive : enuwaqhikonossis

Example Sentences :

Passamaquoddy-Maliseet English Phrase
(noun animate) Nucihket 'kosuwehkaha enuwaqhikon. A carpenter uses a lot of braces.
(noun inanimate) Nucihket 'kosuwehkanol enuwaqhikonol. A carpenter uses a lot of braces.
Notes : (see also cipolahqakon, cipolahqan)
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