Entry Definition
brace, prop, support (used to hold something upright)
supporting, bracing, propping up (physically, morally, etc.)
brace, support
s/he supports it in a standing position
s/he supports h/ by accompanying h/ (e.g., emotionally, spiritually, legally); s/he supports h/ in standing position by standing right next to h/
prop, brace, support
brace, prop, support
s/he braces it, supports it , props it up
s/he supports h/ (physically or morally)
s/he braces, supports, or props up something belonging to h/
(architecture) foundation, column, support
s/he carries h/ under arm; s/he supports h/ by holding h/ arm or elbow
s/he carries it under arm; s/he supports it by holding on to it
they support each other side by side, give courage to each other; (military) they cover each other by patrolling, watch out for each other
s/he supports or braces; (baseball) s/he saves game, s/he recovers ball and completes play following an error
brace, prop, support stick; stick positioned in ground at angle so that cooking pot can be suspended from it over fire
s/he supports or helps balance it to prevent it from falling
s/he supports or helps balance h/ to prevent h/ from falling
s/he supports or defends it
s/he rides or drives h/ (bicycle, animal); s/he pushes h/ with force of body or foot; s/he moves body closer to h/; s/he wears h/ (garment); s/he supports h/, backs h/ up (physically, morally); s/he affects h/ thus
s/he helps it fully, helps it as much as s/he possibly can; s/he supports it fully, subscribes to it (idea, opinion, philosophy, etc.)
s/he works hard to support h/