Entry Definition
s/he has small nose; (bird) s/he has small beak or bill
mucus is coming out of h/ nose
s/he has turned-up nose, has pug nose
s/he has big nose; (bird) s/he has big beak or bill
s/he holds h/ nose shut
h/ nose is stuffed up
h/ nose is crooked (e.g., from having been broken)
s/he looks around to see what's going on, noses around, observes, browses, wanders around looking
s/he has nosebleed, has bloody nose
s/he bloodies h/ nose by hitting
s/he has pointy nose
point of h/ nose
s/he blows nose
h/ nose is broken
s/he breaks h/ nose by kicking h/
h/ nose; (bird, turtle) h/ bill, h/ beak