Entry Definition
(trapper) s/he is back from having checked traps
s/he hunts or traps turtles
s/he traps or hunts mink
(baseball) s/he runs h/ down (base runner trapped between two bases)
animal caught in trap
s/he takes bait off hook, removes bait from trap
s/he traps or hunts muskrat
s/he traps or hunts otter
s/he traps it with foot, holds it by stepping on it (paper, cloth, etc.; e.g., when blowing away)
s/he catches h/ in trap, traps h/
s/he catches something in trap
s/he makes or sets traps
s/he catches it in trap
s/he catches in trap something belonging to h/
s/he places h/ securely in position, puts h/ in trapped position (e.g., headlock); s/he charges expenses to h/ account; s/he attaches or garnishees h/ wages; s/he hocks h/, uses h/ as collateral
there is hunting; it is hunting time, it is hunting season (Wol, also: trapping)
s/he hunts; (Wol, also) s/he traps
s/he is snowed in
bear trap
s/he goes (comes) to check traps
s/he hooks h/; s/he catches or traps h/
s/he hooks it; s/he catches or traps it
s/he sets traps
s/he sets traps for h/ (on h/ behalf)