lie 2

Entry Definition
s/he keeps telling lies, keeps blathering
s/he keeps lying, keeps telling lies
s/he stops telling lies
s/he takes something from h/ by tricking h/ or lying to h/; s/he bilks h/
s/he lies, talks idly, blathers
s/he lies about h/, slanders h/
s/he lies about h/ to someone
s/he talks nonsense, talks foolishly, playfully, idly; s/he rambles, chatters, gabs; s/he lies (rarely used with this meaning)
s/he lies, speaks falsely
s/he lies to h/
it is a lie, it is a falsehood
(man, boy) he lies, makes up stories; he is liar or fibber
s/he lies to h/
s/he lies to h/ thus
s/he is outspoken, speaks own mind, speaks without caring what others think; s/he lies
s/he tells lie, s/he fibs
lie, fib, falsehood, untruth
s/he comes to tell lies, comes and tells lies
s/he lies under oath, commits perjury
s/he knows how to tell lies