light 1

Entry Definition
(sun, star, light) s/he, it goes out of sight, is behind something; (lighted area, patch of light) it gets smaller as sun changes position
toggle switch, light-switch
s/he flashes light on h/ (especially, in h/ eyes), s/he dazzles h/ with light
s/he flashes light on it
light shines through it, it is translucent or transparent
dawn comes quickly, it grows light fast
s/he starts to light it
s/he radiates light; (Jesus, saint, etc.) s/he has halo
it radiates light; (head) it has halo
s/he kindles fire for h/, puts more wood in stove for h/
s/he dims it, turns it down or lowers it (light); s/he shines it on something lower down
s/he hunts at night using light (torch, flashlight, etc.)
the northern lights are shining
s/he puts it out, extinguishes it (light); s/he illuminates it completely
s/he makes h/ understand, makes h/ "see the light"
it gives off dim or faint light
s/he shines light on it
s/he shines light there for h/
s/he is shining light on it
dimmer switch for headlights
s/he dims headlights for h/ (oncoming driver)
s/he lights it, starts it burning (tobacco)
s/he lights h/ pipe, cigarette, etc. for h/
s/he lights something belonging to h/ (cigarette, pipe, etc.)
s/he lights (cigarette, pipe) for h/