point 1

Entry Definition
s/he puts a "fancy" point on it using file (e.g., sharpens a saw precisely)
h/ toes point up when s/he walks (i.e., with each step, heel touches first and toe is lifted high before being set down)
(point of land, peninsula) it extends out into the water, is surrounded by water (at end and sides)
s/he makes it in form of sharp point
s/he sharpens it with file (pencil, point of stick), files it to a point
s/he cuts h/ to sharp point (e.g., ash splint)
s/he whittles it to sharp point (using knife)
sandy point of land
point of h/ nose
at or on the tip or point; (as place name, cap.) on, at, to North Head (Grand Manan, New Brunswick)
it is a point of land, there is a point of land
(land) it forms point or peninsula
arrowhead, spear point
(arrow, spear) it has a tip, is fitted with a tip