work 1

Entry Definition
it returns gradually, works its way back
s/he works upward, starts at bottom and works way up (e.g., painter, bricklayer)
it works its way upward, it gradually moves upward
(needle, porcupine quill, arrow, etc.) s/he, it works way farther in
it works its way farther in
s/he walks far into or sinks into (woods, grass, brush, snow, mud, etc.); (thorn, etc.) s/he gradually works way into (body, carpet, etc.; verb ai 9)
s/he works downward, starts at top and works way down (e.g., painter, Christmas tree decorator)
s/he works it into (something), pushes it in little by little
(needle, arrow) s/he works into (something)
(e.g., knife) it works into (something)
s/he, it gradually works way downward, descends a little at a time
s/he, it works through (e.g., porcupine quill through skin)