with 1

Entry Definition
s/he is carrying it (in hand, in pocket, in bag, etc.)
s/he flies away with h/
and; with
s/he is living as married with h/
s/he lives with h/
s/he works with h/
s/he works with someone; s/he does two jobs
s/he drinks with h/
(people, animals) s/he sits with h/
s/he sits down with it
s/he goes away with it (e.g., circus); s/he s/he continues taking part in it
s/he approaches or arrives with others
s/he goes around with h/, accompanies h/; (dating) s/he goes out with h/
with, along with, together with; accompanying; participating in, taking part in
s/he eats with others
s/he lives with h/
s/he prays with others
together with
s/he plays with others (sport, game); s/he runs against others for office
s/he joins others in play
s/he teaches h/ with others, includes h/ among students s/he is teaching
s/he works with h/
s/he sits with other(s)
s/he cuts with others
it is with (something else)