witayye, witahye

verb ai 11
s/he joins others in play
Plural : witayyahtuwok, witayyawolotuwok; witahyahtuwok, etc.
Verb Stem : -witayya-, -witahya-; (without ending) -witay

Example Sentences :

Passamaquoddy-Maliseet English Phrase
Mec-ote-olu 'toqecimulal Cihkonaqcol witayyalin. Still, he asks Turtle to participate in the games. (LM)
Ma-te nkoti-witahyaw. I don't want to play with anyone.
Etuci-tqesusqihit wot pilsqehsis, aluwehta 'toqecimulaniya witayyalin. This girl is very shy, even though they asked her to play with them. (WN)
Ma-te wen witayyemuhk. There is no one to play with.
Notes : (see tolayye)
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