wind 1

Entry Definition
there is a whirlwind or dust devil, the wind swirls
h/ mouth distorts to one side from wind pressure (e.g., from zipping along on bicycle or rollercoaster)
the wind comes up over water
the wind blows toward here (steadily)
the wind is blowing toward here
the wind stops blowing, it stops being windy
(fence, wall, etc.) wind or breeze or draft goes through it
it is very windy, the wind blows hard
the wind whirls around (e.g., in eye of hurricane, in whirlwind)
s/he knocks the wind out of h/
s/he kicks the wind out of h/ (person)
s/he knocks wind out of h/
s/he knocks wind out of self by falling or slamming into something, loses breath from being hit
s/he loses breath in strong wind
the wind blows hard or fiercely; it is strong wind, it is gale
it tips with or in the wind
the wind is (blowing) from the north
the wind is blowing from there
it starts to get windy; wind begins to blow
s/he farts or breaks wind loudly, passes a large quantity of gas all at once
the wind is blowing from bad direction, is blowing in bad weather
h/ hair is messed up by wind
(log, soil, rock, etc.) s/he, it erodes from action of wind; (hail, sand, dust, etc. on top of something) s/he, it blows off in the wind
it blows off in the wind
(cloth, flag, etc.) it is heard flapping in the wind (but is not seen)