blow 1

Entry Definition
(umbrella, etc.) s/he, it blows inside-out
it blows inside-out
(wind) it blows violently, blusters
the wind blows toward here (steadily)
the wind stops blowing, it stops being windy
the wind whirls around (e.g., in eye of hurricane, in whirlwind)
the wind is (blowing) from the north
the wind is blowing from there
it starts to get windy; wind begins to blow
(log, soil, rock, etc.) s/he, it erodes from action of wind; (hail, sand, dust, etc. on top of something) s/he, it blows off in the wind
it blows off in the wind
h/ hair blows around in wind, is messed up by wind
the wind blows gently
one who blows
the wind blows thus, the wind blows toward there
wind blows from that direction
the wind blows unobstructed
s/he blows its head off by shooting it
the wind blows to here
(ii) the wind blows to here; (object, snow, etc.) s/he, it blows here in the wind
(ii) the wind blows in; (object, etc.) s/he, it blows in with the wind
(jet stream, steady air current) it blows
the wind blows along
s/he blows on h/
s/he blows on it