stretch 1

Entry Definition
s/he stretches story
s/he adds to it, magnifies it, enlarges it; s/he makes more of it, stretches or exaggerates it (e.g., story)
s/he stretches h/ back and forth
animal skin that has been dressed, stretched, and dried
s/he fibs, exaggerates, stretches the truth, tells tall tales
(rope, etc.) s/he comes to end, s/he stretches to breaking point; (official) h/ term has ended or expired
s/he can be heard from a great distance; s/he stretches out words when talking or singing
s/he stretches it; (figuratively) s/he overstates it, exaggerates it
s/he stretches something belonging to h/; s/he overstates or exaggerates something about h/
s/he lies straight, lies stretched out; s/he lies along (something)
s/he flexes or stretches muscles or limbs; (wrestler) s/he tries to free self from restraining hold
s/he stretches h/ straight
(animal skin) s/he is stretched out to dry and bleach; (person) s/he hangs tough, hangs in there
(snake, rope, etc.) s/he lies stretched out straight; (person) s/he lies with arms and legs spread out, lies spread-eagle
s/he stretches h/
it is stretched
s/he stretches it
s/he stretches something belonging to h/
(something string-like) it stretches
(something string-like) s/he, it stretches
(rope, dough, pocket, etc.) it stretches under own weight
s/he stretches it (something string-like)
(person, animal) s/he stretches
(bird) s/he holds wings outstretched without flapping them
s/he pulls on it, stretches or straightens it by pulling (chain, etc.)