Entry Definition
s/he tells strange story or stories
h/ eyes look strange or funny
s/he sees something strange
it is stared at; it looks strange
s/he does strange things to h/
s/he does it in strange or odd way
something strange happens to h/
something strange happens to h/, it; (event) it is strange, surprising
s/he speaks strangely
s/he has strange ways, is eccentric
s/he drives it strangely or in unusual manner (car)
it tastes strange
s/he makes it in strange or unusual way
it is strange looking, odd looking (mainly Pesk)
s/he is strange looking, odd looking (mainly Pesk)
s/he has strange odor, smells odd
it is strange looking, is odd looking; (in general) it is strange, is astonishing; it is stupendous
s/he is strange looking, is odd looking, is peculiar looking
it is strange, is wondrous, is astounding
s/he is surprised, amazed, awestruck; s/he wonders (why); s/he is spellbound, enchanted, fascinated; s/he thinks in strange way
a strange or surprising event occurs
it has odd or strange or surprising name
s/he has strange way of working
h/ behavior is odd, is strange, is eccentric
it sounds odd or strange