live 2

Entry Definition
person who lives halfway up the hill
person who lives up the hill
s/he is lonesome living there (e.g., in house)
s/he lives there
s/he is living as married with h/
s/he lives with h/
(house) it is still lived in
s/he tries living in it, tries occupying it
s/he has house along there
s/he lives alone
s/he lives alone
s/he gets tired of living in it (place, dwelling)
s/he is tired of living in it, is tired of occupying it (house, seat, etc.)
person who lives by the ocean
s/he is located or situated there, lives there, "hangs out" there
they live near each other, their houses are close to each other, they are neighbors
s/he lives in same building with other(s); s/he is roommate or housemate
s/he lives or rooms with h/ (in same house, apartment building, etc.)
s/he lives with h/
(resident) s/he dwells, resides, lives
s/he likes living in it (house, city, etc.)
s/he lives with h/, stays with h/; s/he is related to h/