count 1

Entry Definition
they take turns reading, take turns counting
it is removed from the count, it is not counted (in the total)
s/he removes it from the count
s/he read or counted it, can read or count it
s/he read or counted something belonging to h/, can read or count something belonging to h/; s/he read or counted it to h/, etc.
s/he wants to or is going to read it to h/; s/he wants to or is going to read or count something belonging to h/
s/he starts to read it or count it
it is counted in, is included in count
s/he adds it up, totals it; s/he includes it in count
s/he has finished counting or reading
s/he has finished reading or counting it
s/he knows how to read or count it
s/he counts h/ twice (by error)
they (two) read together, count together
s/he counts it twice (by error)
s/he counts h/ as one
s/he counts h/; s/he reads h/
s/he is counted, s/he is read; s/he is important, s/he counts or matters
it is counted, it is read; it is important, it counts or matters
s/he reads, s/he counts
s/he, it is read or counted
s/he counts it; s/he reads it
s/he gives it an order or command, tells it to do something; s/he reads it thus, counts it thus
s/he is reading it, is counting it
s/he reads or counts by self, reads or counts alone