ash 1

Entry Definition
s/he takes ashes out of it
s/he takes ashes out of something belonging to h/
s/he takes ashes out of stove
s/he pulls it out from dirt, sand, ashes, etc.
mud, mudflat; stove ashes mixed with water
s/he takes ashes out (from fireplace or stove)
(residue from burning) ashes
paint for pole or column; (basketmaking) mud-like mixture of ashes and water applied to ash log before pounding (marks are left in it where pounding tool has struck; ensures that pounding is thorough and efficient)
s/he puts dirt on h/; s/he puts ashes on h/ forehead (on Ash Wednesday)
it is Ash Wednesday; (as noun inanimate) ceremony of putting ashes on forehead; Ash Wednesday