noun inanimate
mud, mudflat; stove ashes mixed with water
Plural : ososkul
Locative : ososkuk; ososqihkuk (plural) in a muddy place

Example Sentences :

Passamaquoddy-Maliseet English Phrase
Sqotewamki-ososq sunhut wikp weci wen nomihtaq wecikpehtihiket. Mud made from stove ashes is applied to the ash log so that the pounder can tell where he has pounded.
Siqoniw ktanaqot ososq kcihkuk. In the spring there is lots of mud in the woods.
Wot yaq mahtoqehs naka coqols tama-al ososqihkuk etolakonutomahtit. Once a hare and a frog were in a muddy place telling stories. (EN)
Coqols yut yaq-ote 'tiyali-kcitacokessin iyik ososqihkuk, etoli-kalsit. The frog, it is said, was burrowing around in the mud, hiding himself. (EN)
Notes : (also, sosq)
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