Entry Definition
s/he hunts seals
s/he hunts seal pups
s/he hunts or traps turtles
s/he traps or hunts mink
s/he hunts porpoise
s/he hunts chickens
s/he hunts raccoons; s/he pretends to be asleep
s/he traps or hunts muskrat
s/he traps or hunts otter
s/he poaches, hunts illegally or secretly (Wol, also: traps)
there is hunting; it is hunting time, it is hunting season (Wol, also: trapping)
s/he hunts; (Wol, also) s/he traps
hound, hunting dog
s/he hunts h/ (deer, bear, etc.); s/he is out to get h/, is after h/ (enemy, runaway); s/he picks h/ (apple, pear, etc.)
s/he hunts or gathers
(plant, medicine, fruit) s/he hunts for it, picks it
s/he hunts for or picks something belonging to h/, s/he picks it for h/; s/he is out to get something or someone belonging to h/
dog used when hunting hares, rabbit hound
s/he hunts squirrels
dog used when hunting partridge (grouse)
s/he hunts grouse (partridge)
dog used when hunting partridge (grouse), partridge-dog
s/he hunts moose
s/he hunts bear
dog used when hunting bear, bear hound