Entry Definition
s/he, it is made differently or oddly
s/he sets it apart, treats it differently, uses it differently; s/he exempts it
s/he sets h/ apart, treats h/ differently; s/he uses h/ differently; s/he exempts h/
s/he acts or behaves differently from what was expected
s/he shapes it differently
it is shaped differently
s/he tells it differently (story)
s/he is related differently
it is done differently
s/he does it differently; s/he finds it to be different
s/he does it differently for h/
it speaks differently
different, differently
s/he, it is made differently
s/he sings differently
s/he suspects h/; s/he thinks differently of h/
s/he thinks differently, has different idea than previously, suspects the truth
s/he thinks differently of it
s/he says it differently
(word, dialect) it is pronounced differently
s/he acts or behaves differently, h/ ways are different; s/he behaves eccentrically, h/ ways are quirky; (man, woman) s/he is homosexual, is gay
s/he sits differently, sits in a different place