Entry Definition
they (two) sit facing each other
they (two) face each other swinging or rocking back and forth (e.g., in rocking chairs)
(two) moving toward each other, coming into contact with each other; facing each other, face-to-face
s/he sits facing this way, sits facing toward here
s/he comes toward here or faces this way baring teeth
(motion, extension, orientation) toward here, facing toward here; (time) coming
s/he stands facing this way
s/he is bent over, rear end facing away
s/he lies facing away
(motion, extension, orientation) away, facing away; (time) into or toward the future, progressing, continuing on; (elomi ... olomi ...) the more ... the more ...
s/he lies facing or extending away; s/he continues lying there
s/he sits facing away
its opening faces in that direction
s/he turns h/ (person or animal) around so as to face away (Ma)
s/he turns around quickly to face opposite direction; s/he turns over
s/he turns quickly to face opposite way while standing in one place
s/he is sitting facing in the opposite direction (i.e., opposite to previous position, or opposite to desired position)
s/he sits facing toward h/
s/he bends over with rear end facing h/