Entry Definition
s/he has a cold or catarrh
s/he is chilled to bone; (shirt, etc.) cold comes through h/
it is chilled all the way through; (hat, wall) cold comes through it
(garment) draft comes through h/, it; (fabric) s/he, it lets cold come through
s/he has a cold, catches a cold
it freezes, is frozen; (figuratively; e.g., body part) it gets cold
cold comes in
s/he gets a chill, catches a chill (from exposure to cold, as result of eerie experience, etc.); s/he feels chilled, feels a chill
(water source) spring; cold water
there is spring of cold water
s/he feels cold
s/he wears clothes too thin for cold weather
s/he has cold feet
s/he feels cold
s/he starts to feel cold, is getting chilled
it starts to get cold
s/he catches cold again
s/he is heard snapping or cracking because of extreme cold (e.g., tree, ice on lake, bottle filled with ice)
it is heard snapping or cracking because of extreme cold (e.g., wood in house wall)
it grows cold, becomes cold
s/he, it is too cold (to the touch); (ii; weather) it is too cold
s/he is so cold that s/he cries
s/he is cold, feels cold (see examples)
s/he gets cold easily, is sensitive to cold
s/he cools h/