noun animate & inanimate
first, first one; (baseball) first batter, first base
Plural : amsqahseweyak, amsqahseweyal
Locative : amsqahseweyak

Example Sentences :

Passamaquoddy-Maliseet English Phrase
Waponahkewiyik nikt amsqahseweyak nemihtuhtit weckuwapok. Wabanakis are the first ones to see the dawn.
Amsqahsewey ksehe etoli-enawotultimok. She came in first in the race.
Simu not amsqahsewey yut petkenits. Simon was the first one to arrive here (on foot).
Nsakoli-wolamsotomon nit kis amsqahsewey nican 'tuceyin. It's hard for me to believe my first child is that old.
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