't-askuwyal, 't-askuhyal

verb ta 33
s/he waits for h/, awaits h/; s/he expects h/ to arrive
Verb Stem : -askuwy-, -askuhy-

Example Sentences :

Passamaquoddy-Maliseet English Phrase
Sapet 'taskuwyal 'siwehsol. Elizabeth waits for her brother.
Ntotolaskuwya nceksom. I'm waiting for my check.
Tan etuci-apaciyalit, 'taskuhyaniya. When he returned, they were waiting for him. (LM)
Cel 'taskuwyal 'petatuwalin epahsiw etoli-piyemi-'sanaqahk, etolitomek; on Kasq 'puwaskahpulsin; 'sesolahki-qolopahkan wihton; wakat tahk Laks yalpektihiket, ansa piyaqtihikonis. (acting as ferryman) He waits until his passenger has climbed halfway across (his bill), where the water is most dangerous and very deep, then Heron tips his bill; all of a sudden Laks is flailing around, floating like a little wood chip. (LM)
Ktaskuwhin tokkiw apaciyayan. Wait for me until I get back. (MT)
Notes : (compare 't-askuwalal)
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