up, upward, up above

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Passamaquoddy-Maliseet English Phrase
Wahte ewepiw nemq-ote nomiya cihpolakon. Way up above I can just barely see an eagle.
On Koluskap macephan pihcetuk, 'ci-ewepiw naka 'tolahkan. Glooscap carried him a long way and dropped him from high up. (DAF)
Mecimi-te kutapomokepon waht ewepiw, naka kilun yut ktiyuhtinen emehkew. We used to be watched from above (i.e., by God), and we were here below. (JAN)
Ewepiw pemituwiyewik keqsey pisuwokisq. There is something flying high up above in the atomosphere.
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