Entry Definition
s/he helps h/ up (out of bed, car, chair, etc.)
s/he hauls it upward or hoists it high with mechanical device
s/he looks up at h/ (from lower place)
s/he looks up at it (from lower place)
s/he hits h/ upward (baseball, fly ball); s/he swats h/ up the stairs (e.g., naughty child being sent upstairs as punishment)
s/he, it is curled upward
s/he has turned-up nose, has pug nose
h/ toes point up when s/he walks (i.e., with each step, heel touches first and toe is lifted high before being set down)
s/he throws or tosses it up (higher); s/he jerks or tugs it upward
s/he throws it up to h/
s/he, it moves rapidly upward (involuntarily)
it goes up, rises
s/he, it goes up, rises
up above; upward, rising, ascending
s/he carries h/ upward
s/he carries upward something belonging to h/
(bird, pilot) s/he flies up
up, upward, up above
s/he, it floats up
s/he works upward, starts at bottom and works way up (e.g., painter, bricklayer)
s/he, it floats up
it floats up
s/he chases or frightens h/ upward (e.g., up a tree, to higher ground)
it is up
s/he hits it upward, hits it so that it goes up