verb ti 28
s/he lifts it or holds it up with hand(s)
Verb Stem : -eweponom-

Example Sentences :

Peskotomuhkati-Wolastoqey English Phrase
'Tahcuwi-eweponomon ahsuhun Mali weci-nomihtasik. Mary had to hold the blanket up so it could be seen.
Skitap 'teweponomon psqocis aptokat. The man holds the war club up while dancing.
On-oc 'titomon, "Tan ktolihtahasin yut cuwi, iyey, tuci-pihceyu yut piwsoq?" Nakahc 'teweponomon nit liksawakon. On-oc ntiyan, "Yut-te." On-oc 'poneqahkan iyey liksawakon. "Eluwe-al-ote ntomosomon npihtin." And he said, "What do you think? How long should this piece of wood be?" And he lifted up the saw. And I told him, "This long." And then he threw down the saw. "I almost cut off my hand!" he said. (MB)
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