Entry Definition
s/he holds h/ closer
s/he holds it closer
s/he holds it upside-down
s/he holds something belonging to h/ upside-down
s/he holds h/ tightly
s/he holds it tightly
s/he holds tightly something belonging to h/
s/he clamps with teeth something belonging to h/; s/he bites it and holds it for h/
s/he holds it at an angle
s/he holds self back with arm(s); (figuratively) s/he restrains self, inhibits self from acting
s/he gives h/ courage, holds h/ steady (e.g., helps h/ walk)
s/he lifts leg and holds it up
s/he lifts h/ with hand(s), holds h/ up
s/he lifts it or holds it up with hand(s)
s/he lifts or holds up something belonging to h/
s/he holds hands with h/ wherever they go
s/he goes around holding it
s/he loses grip or hold
it comes off and is held (by something)
s/he comes off and is held (by something)
s/he can float on it without its sinking; (in translation; floating object) it can hold h/ weight
s/he holds on to h/ tail, holds h/ by tail
s/he holds h/ by ear(s)
s/he holds h/ head down on something
s/he holds on using hands