't-iyaliphoqatomon, 't-aliphoqatomon

verb ti 28
s/he follows it around, chases it around
Prefixed Verb Stem : -iyaliphoqatom-, -aliphoqatom-
Unprefixed Verb Stem : yaliphoqatom-, aliphoqatom-
Changed Verb Stem : yaliphoqatom-, aliphoqatom-

Example Sentences :

Peskotomuhkati-Wolastoqey English Phrase
'Taliphoqatomon, nsesomitahas keq-op aliphoqatok. He followed it around, (but) I can't think of what he would be following around. (JAN)
On ntiyaliphoqatomonen nit, iyey, atomupil. And we followed that car around. (CT)
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