Entry Definition
it comes next in order; it is the following one
s/he comes next in order; s/he is the following one
s/he follows behind; s/he accompanies, escorts, guides
s/he follows close behind it
s/he follows close behind h/; accompanies h/, escorts h/, guides h/
s/he follows or chases back and forth
s/he follows h/ around, chases h/ around
s/he follows it around, chases it around
s/he follows h/ around without h/ knowledge
s/he follows it around secretly
s/he wants to or is going to follow h/ or chase h/
s/he wants to or is going to follow it or chase it
s/he wants to chase or follow, is going to chase or follow (someone or something)
s/he forces h/ to go home by following h/; s/he chases h/ away, starts h/ moving
s/he starts following or chasing or tagging along
(disease) it follows and develops from a less severe illness
s/he follows it, chases it, pursues it
s/he follows something belonging to h/
s/he follows h/, pursues h/, chases h/
s/he follows, pursues, chases; s/he tags along
s/he chases h/, chases after h/, follows h/
s/he chases it, chases after it, follows it
s/he follows h/ tracks
s/he follows its tracks
s/he chases it out, follows it out (through door, etc.)