verb ta 36
s/he follows h/, pursues h/, chases h/
Verb Stem : -nuhsuhkuw-

Example Sentences :

Peskotomuhkati-Wolastoqey English Phrase
Tan tehpu eliyat ehpilicihi nuhsuhkaku. Wherever he went the women flocked after him. (MT)
Eci-na kinapiyihtit nuhsuhkuwahtit. The ones chasing him were brave.
Totolahsimu weci-kisi-nuhsuhkuwat nacitahamcihi. He is resting so that he can chase after his enemies.
Ehpit nuhsuhkuwan naci-kotunkelit; 'koti-nomiyal tan 'tolluhkalin. The woman follows him as he goes hunting; she wants to see what he does. (LM)
Luhsi nuhsukuwal Pohsiwol tan-ote eloqiyalit. Lucy follows Percy wherever he goes.
Mecimi-te ntiyali-nuhsuhkaq wot olomussis. This little dog is always chasing me around.
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