Entry Definition
s/he tries to gain h/ affection, "chases" h/
s/he follows or chases back and forth
s/he chases or frightens h/ upward (e.g., up a tree, to higher ground)
s/he follows h/ around, chases h/ around
s/he follows it around, chases it around
s/he goes around chasing h/, chases h/ from place to place
s/he chases h/ off something
s/he chases or pursues h/ across
s/he wants to or is going to follow h/ or chase h/
s/he wants to or is going to follow it or chase it
s/he wants to chase or follow, is going to chase or follow (someone or something)
s/he pursues h/, chases h/
s/he pursues it, chases it
s/he starts following or chasing or tagging along
s/he is heard chasing (but is not seen)
s/he follows it, chases it, pursues it
s/he pursues, chases
s/he follows h/, pursues h/, chases h/
s/he follows, pursues, chases; s/he tags along
s/he chases h/, chases after h/, follows h/
s/he chases it, chases after it, follows it
s/he chases it out, follows it out (through door, etc.)
s/he follows h/ there, chases h/ there
s/he follows it there, chases it there
s/he follows or chases something belonging to h/ to there