of course; as is well known; (as response to comment or question) that's right

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Peskotomuhkati-Wolastoqey English Phrase
Wen nit eli-npakotask? — Kat-olu Piyel. Who told you such a fib? — Peter, of course.
Wen-op apc nit elluhket? — Kat-olu not skinuhsis skat ekehkitasihq. Who else would do that? — That boy who isn't disciplined, of course.
Kisossom yaq-ona kil welaqik? — Kat-olu, keq iya! Is it true what I heard, that you, too, were drinking last night? — Of course. What do you expect?
Kat-olu ktahkomiq oli-kinuwelosuwiw, tahalu tap elakiyat. (as seen from the water) Land announces itself, as you know, looking like the curve in a bow.
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