verb ii 17
it is so much, there is so much of it; (plural forms) they are so many, there are so many of them
Verb Stem : kehson-

Example Sentences :

Passamaquoddy-Maliseet English Phrase
Kehtol-ote kehsok yaq oqitonul, kehsok weci-milawehlotihtit, naci-pektahahtit Wolastoqewi. Sure enough, there were a great many canoes, a great many that set out on the river, going to wipe out the Wolastoqewiyik. (MT)
Tokec kahk kehsok, ihil, wikuwamol. But now there are so many houses. (JN)
Nomihtun kehsok wiyuhs. He sees how much meat there is.
Tan kehson pewatomon pocetesol? Psi-te kehsok. How many potatoes do you want? All of them.
Tan kehson litposuwakonol? How many government positions are there?
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