'kiluwahal, 'qiluwahal

verb ta 34
s/he looks for h/, seeks h/
Verb Stem : -kiluw_h-, -qiluw_h-

Example Sentences :

Peskotomuhkati-Wolastoqey English Phrase
Sapet 'tiyali-qiluwahal nicanol. Elizabeth is looking for her child.
Wot yaq-ote kcihkuk olomiyya. 'Tiyal yaq, "Musa qiluwihihkeq. Musa-te wen qiluwihic, cel mesqa nmoskakew." He headed off into the woods. He told her, "Don't you all look for me. Don't anyone look for me, for I haven't been found yet." (MT)
Tett-olu oloqi-qasku weciyayon. Cipotu not qiluwohot. But she was running in the direction you came from. Perhaps she was the one you're looking for. (MT)
Simu kiluwohoq (qiluwohoq). Simon is looking for you.
'Tiyali-kiluwahal sahkatihil pskihqihkuk. She is looking for the needle in the haystack.
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