verb ti 25
s/he eats it
Verb Stem : -mici-

Example Sentences :

Passamaquoddy-Maliseet English Phrase
Kat cuwitpotu micinehpon ska ehcuwitpahk. She shouldn't have eaten anything that shouldn't be eaten. (JAN)
Opin, costaqs, naka kmicin yut micuwakon! Sit down, be quiet, and eat this food!
(verb ai 1, nekom and nekomaw negative forms only) Ma-te keq miciw wasis. ... Ma-te keq miciwiyik (micultiwiyik) wasisok. The child doesn't eat anything. ... The children don't eat anything.
Skicin milikon micit micuwakon weciyak supekuk, lontokuk, kcihkuk, lamkomiq, naka skitkomiq. Indigenous people ate many different kinds of food from the ocean and freshwater lakes, from the forest, from beneath the ground and on top of the ground.
Psi-te keq micin Simu kisi-miluk. Simon ate everything I gave him.
Notes : (rarely used with preverbs; see 't-olotomon)
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