Entry Definition
s/he eats more (than someone else does; than s/he did before)
s/he eats its leaves
s/he eats unripe apples
s/he is fussy eater by nature
s/he stops eating (e.g., because full or too sick)
place where s/he usually eats
s/he eats repeatedly between meals
s/he eats fast, eats a lot
s/he eats h/ fast, s/he eats a lot of h/
it is eaten up, it has all been eaten
s/he is glutton, eats a lot; s/he is greedy
s/he drank, can drink; s/he ate or can eat soup or stew
s/he ate, can eat
s/he ate it, can eat it
s/he is going to eat, wants to eat
s/he eats it as it is (sugar, uncooked oatmeal, other granular food)
s/he is hungry for it, wants to eat it, is going to eat it
s/he is hungry for h/, wants to eat h/, is going to eat h/ (food)
s/he wants to drink (any beverage), wants to eat soup, stew, etc.; s/he is going to drink, etc.
s/he wants to eat, is going to eat
s/he is eating or drinking liquid food (soup, stew, beer, etc.)
s/he eats like pig
s/he eats lunch
s/he eats thus
s/he eats h/