moving from edge out into open space; offshore; out onto or into water, out on ice; out into field, into clearing, etc.

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Peskotomuhkati-Wolastoqey English Phrase
Nisuliyyik nikt, nikt milawiyacik tama-al nit milawiw, tett monossapsq eyik. They went in two canoes, the ones who went out somewhere there offshore, out where there was a small rock island. (MT)
Iya, mecimi nilun, weckuwi-maceki, on-oc naci-yalikopomultinen pqomik wahte milawiw, naka, iyey, npehkiyanen, nmonehlanen wast pqomik. Yes, when I was growing up we used to go way out on the ice to skate, and we would clear it, remove the snow from the ice. (SC)
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