verb ii 17
(year) it goes on, it goes by
Verb Stem : olomikoton-
Changed Verb Stem : elomikoton-

Example Sentences :

Peskotomuhkati-Wolastoqey English Phrase
Akonutomuwine kikuwoss ansa-te naka kisi-olluhket, naka psi-keq 'tapaciptun elomikotok. Tell us about your mother and what she did and all the things (traditions) she brought back over the years.
Toke elomikotok ntoqeci-nihkanewest, tokkiw kisi-apaciptuwan kinaq epahsiw. Now, as the years go on, I try to speak (Peskotomuhkati) with an eye toward the future, until I can bring it back at least halfway. (RS)
Nipayiw skinuhsisok naka pilsqehsisok ktokehkimaniya weci-woli-pomawsuwinuwultihtit elomikotok. At night, teach the boys and girls so that they will be good people as the years go on. (RA)
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