oloqi (oloq-, olok-)

in that direction, toward there (as specified by another word); in that way (of doing something)
Verb Stem : -oloqi (-oloq-, -olok-)
Changed Verb Stem : eloqi (eloq-, elok-)

Example Sentences :

Passamaquoddy-Maliseet English Phrase
Oloqapeku. S/he crawls in that direction.
Olokuhse. S/he walks in that direction.
Oloqihhik kcihkuk. They go toward the woods.
Yat-te nekom pesq oloqiye, apc kotok tetta. Each went his own way, some this way, others that way. (LM)
Tan-al not eloqiyat. He must have headed somewhere. I don't know which way he went.
Oloqiye. S/he goes in that direction.
Notes : (olok- before u)
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