way 1

Entry Definition
it must happen, it has to happen that way; it is urgent
s/he has stange ways
h/ ways, manner, behavior, temperament, mood
s/he does it the English way, does it in the white man's way
something pertaining to the white man's way of doing things
s/he pays that much, s/he pays in that way
s/he is that way, is that kind of person; there is something the matter with h/
s/he does it in various ways
s/he does it to h/ in various ways
s/he likes h/ ways, s/he feels friendly toward h/
there (near person spoken to, or location unspecified); then; thus, in that way
that's the way it is
s/he has a set way of life; h/ ways are set
in that way, thus; to that place, there; at that time
s/he picks it in that way
s/he understands it thus, understands it in that way
s/he makes h/, makes h/ in that way; s/he affects h/
in that direction, toward there (as specified by another word); in that way (of doing something)
its sound comes from that direction; it sounds that way
sound of h/ comes from that direction, it sounds as if he is over there; h/ voice is heard from that direction; s/he sounds that way
in that direction, toward; in that way (of doing something)
s/he goes in that direction; s/he has a way (to do something)
s/he hears h/ from that direction; (in translation) s/he sounds that way to h/
h/ ways are quite different
h/ ways are similar to or same as (someone else's)