in that direction, toward; in that way (of doing something)

Example Sentences :

Passamaquoddy-Maliseet English Phrase
Tan tehpu oloqiw. In any direction. In any way.
Weci-macahayin Sipayik, ktahcuwi-tuci oloqiw Wehqapiqek. When you leave Sipayik, you have to go by Perry.
Qin oloqiw wasis uci-psonomon piltal, tan eci-micit kispahtek linomonhikon, tupqan, kosona tewipqot, tan keq piltal etoli-wawikiyak. In fact, in this way a child can get lead from eating dry paint, dirt, or dust, anything that contains lead. (DAF)
Yut oloqiw! Come this way! Face this way! Over this way! (etc.)
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