olu, lu

particle (enclitic)
(focuses attention on preceding word); but, however; as for

Example Sentences :

Passamaquoddy-Maliseet English Phrase
Nilun-olu Houlton ntihiponuhpon, nuhkomossok. As for us, we were in Houlton at that time, at my grandmother's. (CT)
Not-olu. S/he's the one. There s/he is.
Qaqsoss-olu 'tiyal elihc qsokahulat. But Fox tells him that he will ferry him across. (LM)
Mec-ote-olu 'toqecimulal nicalkul witayyalin. But still, he asked his uncle to take part in the games. (LM)
Kil-lu wen? And who are you?
Wikuwossol-olu itom... As for her mother, she says...
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