ote 2, te

particle (enclitic)
(emphasizes preceding word)

Example Sentences :

Peskotomuhkati-Wolastoqey English Phrase
Woli-te opin. Just sit down. Sit right down.
Utapakonuwal etutonahsultihtit-tehc wiyuhs. Their sleds will be loaded right up with meat.
Husa-tehna kisi-komutone, kenuk ma-te nekom psonaw. John stole, too, but he didn't get caught.
Assokitahasultuwok-ote ehpicik. The women are surprised indeed.
Nil-ote piyemikotoni. I am the oldest. I'm the oldest one.
Nil-ote amsqahs nutaqsiyanpon. I was the first one heard. (LM)
Nomiya eli-seksultilit, tahalu-tehp mahtoqehsuwok. He sees that they are frightened, just as rabbits would be.
Nkatacqitunehpon nutapakon, pesqon-otehlu (pesqon-ote-lu) eli-pskasik. Although I hauled my car out of sight, it was found all the same.
Notes :

(additional forms include otehc/tehc [future] = ote/te + oc; otehp/tehp [conditional, potential] = ote/te + op; ote-na, te-na, tehna [also, in additon] = ote/te + na; ote-lu/te-lu, otehlu/tehlu [however, nevertheless] = ote/te + olu; see oc, op, na, olu; for use with personal pronouns see separate entries for nil-ote, kil-ote, nekom-ote, nilun-ote, kilun-ote, kiluwaw-ote, nekomaw-ote)

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