verb ai 10, 9
s/he approaches or arrives walking
Plural : petapasuwok (Pa-Ma); pecuhsahtuwok (Ma)
Verb Stem : -pecuhse-

Example Sentences :

Passamaquoddy-Maliseet English Phrase
Pecuhse nikonuk sepay Lapel. Raphael walked over to my house this morning.
Pecuhsihik nahaht Mali naka Makolit eyi sitomok. A while ago, Mary and Margaret came walking to the shore, where I was.
Mesq nemaht pecuhsehtihq, moskuwecinon 'qatok kawatoqi-psketqon; macephan wikuwak. Before they reached their destination, one of them impaled his foot on a spruce branch; he was carried home. (MT)
Petapasuwok nemaht welaqik elakumukik. My relatives walked over to (Maliseet: arrived at) my house last night.
Notes : (see also petkawotuwok)
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