verb ii 21
(something stick-like) it lies there, it extends
Verb Stem : pomaqte-
Changed Verb Stem : pemaqte-

Example Sentences :

Peskotomuhkati-Wolastoqey English Phrase
'Tiyal, "Nit-olu tpinomun! Nit eli-kisehtu nila." Peskuwat yaq nit pomaqte, nit wihqehtaq. He told him, "Now you watch! This is what I can do." There was a gun lying there, and he picked it up. (MT)
Pomaqte-te nit opos, on 'tahcuwi-pasitapekin ali-kotunket. That stick was lying there, and he had to crawl over it to go hunting. (JN)
Pomaqte oqiton sitomok. A canoe lies on the beach.
Ntathusossuwinomon opos pemaqtek. The stick lying there looks like a snake to me.
Pomaqte pensol. There's a pencil there.
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