lie 1

Entry Definition
(book) it lies open
s/he waits for h/, awaits h/, lies in wait for h/, expects h/
s/he lies in wait for it, ambushes it
(people) they lie close to each other on their sides and facing same way (like nested spoons)
s/he is lying down having fallen or flopped from exhaustion, illness, etc.
s/he has lain down, can lie down; s/he is already in bed
s/he lies across it
s/he lies across (something)
(something stick-like) s/he lies across
(something stick-like) it lies across
s/he lies face down, lies prone
s/he, it is piled up; it lies there
s/he lies down; s/he is lying down; (pregnant woman) she is confined
(rope, snake, dog) s/he is lying coiled or curled up
s/he goes (comes) and lies down
the land is thus, the land lies thus
s/he lies facing away
s/he lies facing or extending away; s/he continues lying there
(corpse, person asleep) s/he lies with face uncovered
s/he lies across, lies over, lies hanging over edge (of something)
s/he lies straight, lies stretched out; s/he lies along (something)
a pile of it extends, it lies piled up
(something stick-like) it lies there, it extends
s/he is lying down; s/he extends
s/he turns over (while lying down)